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Kick Off Summer With the Ultimate Memorial Day Cookout

BJ's Wholesale Club Helps Throw An Affordable Party To Remember

May 21, 2007 9:15 AM EDT

NATICK, Mass., May 21, 2007 -- Millions of Americans will be preparing for cookouts this Memorial Day and BJ's Wholesale Club has advice and tips to help party planners save money and host an incredible cookout to kick off this summer season.

  • Out in the yard - Set up chairs, umbrellas, a patio set or a sling chaise for people to sit, talk and relax in.  Arrange rock speakers in the yard to play music and blend into the background.
  • Party into the night - Sit around a copper fire pit for a comfortable outdoor evening atmosphere. Illuminate the yard with decorative metal lanterns, paper lanterns or umbrella lights.
  • Fire-up the grill -Whether to cook on a gas grill or charcoal grill depends on a person's taste.  Both give meat, fish and poultry a different taste.  Add wood chips to both types of grills and the food will take on a slightly different flavor.
  • Utensil Usability - Handling food is easy with the right barbecue set. A complete set should include a fork, spatula, grill brush, basting brush, tongs, skewers and corn holders. To grill vegetables, use a stainless steel griddle or change the way chicken is typically grilled with a chicken roaster.
  • Safety first - Knowing when meat is cooked is extremely important. Undercooked meats, fish and poultry can cause serious health risks. Keep family and friends safe by making certain they are fully cooked with a grill thermometer.  A grill should be on medium heat for fish (350 - 400 degrees).  Pork chops and chicken should be grilled on medium hot (450 - 550 degrees).  Beef needs to be over a hot flame (700 degrees).
  • Keep it cool - A good cooler is essential to keep drinks refreshing and cold, especially on hot days.  A cooler can be any size as long as it is well insulated.  Add ice or cool packs to keep the temperature cool.
  • Make it fresh - Fresh meats, fish and poultry are delicious grilled. Three to six pound packages are great for a small crowd.  For a large crowd, purchase a whole piece of meat and ask your butcher to cut it to your specifications.  Grilled and seasoned fresh vegetables are always appetizing.  Throw broccoli, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes and onions on the grill and it will complement any great meal.
  • Serve it up - Decorative, festive and sturdy paper goods are an important piece to a good cookout, especially when it's time to clean up.  Plates and cups need to be thick and strong enough for all the food and drinks being served.
  • Happy endings - Brownies, cookies and cakes are tasty treats that are easy to grab and won't make a mess.

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