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Grab Those Scissors to Start Saving!

Cut those high grocery bills during September's National Coupon Month and year-round

August 26, 2008 9:00 AM EDT

NATICK, Mass., August 26, 2008 -- It's September: Do you know where your scissors are?

With September deemed as National Coupon Month, it's time to dig out the scissors and slash those old, traditional notions of coupon clipping being passe.

In these challenging economic times, shoppers are more frequently turning to coupon clipping for discounts and savings. Between 2005 through 2008, the number of American adults using online coupons rose by 39% to 36 million, according to a recent survey conducted by Simmons/Experian Research and Coupons, Inc.

Now more than ever, shoppers are also looking to warehouse clubs to save money on everything from staples like paper towels and toothpaste to fresh produce and meat to prepared foods. Surprisingly, only one of the major warehouse clubs accepts manufacturers' coupons. BJ's Wholesale Club accepts both manufacturers' coupons from the Sunday newspaper and BJ's own coupons that can be found in-club or on their website at

"Consumers are clearly changing their habits, avoiding impulsive purchases and shopping more conscientiously," said Chris Neppl, Executive Vice President of Merchandising. "By accepting manufacturers' coupon in addition to our own, we're providing members with the greatest possible savings."

Stephanie Nelson, better known as The Coupon Mom who founded the popular website, has shared her cost-cutting secrets on popular national morning shows, often proving how her "strategic shopping" can save a family of four hundreds of dollars on just one grocery bill without sacrificing quality.

"Clipping coupons can drastically lower grocery bills, becoming a necessity in this declining economy," Nelson said. "As a mother, I find it is the best way for me to still offer my family a healthy diet without spending excessively."

Here are five of Nelson's budget-friendly tips:

  • Check the store's circular or online coupons. Efficient and smart shopping starts with a plan, so begin by finding out what's on sale at each store and create the shopping list based on those items.
  • Know the store's program. Every store has different policies on coupon acceptance, and several offer their own additional money-saving discounts. For example, when purchasing a five-pack of toothpaste at BJ's, you can actually use five coupons -- one per each individual tube -- for additional savings on your grocery bill. This can be applied to several bulk items available at BJ's for greater savings.
  • Buy more newspapers. Every Sunday, the daily newspapers contain an abundance of coupons -- up to 75 percent of coupons derive from them -- on everything from meats and vegetables to disposable goods (toilet paper, plastic bags). Pick up 3 copies to triple those savings while also ensuring your family's needs are met.
  • Overlook brand names. Even if you've stuck to using the same brands for years, trade them in for what's on sale or in-store brands. Several stores, including BJ's, have their own line of products that are priced great too.
  • Make fewer trips to the store. Plan your week's meals around your store's sale items and make a comprehensive shopping list to reduce impulse buying.

Nelson adds, "These are simple, effective measures that can be utilized by everyone from a mother shopping for her family on a small budget to the single adult living in an expensive city to a struggling college student just learning how to budget and shop."

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